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New Templates Every Month, More Accounts,

More DFY's and Instantly Push Content with No Limits, To Your Pinterest Accounts!

With this upgrade, we have created a new feature (will be added on April 15th 2024) where you get a pinterest approved feature to allow you to push the content you create directly into your accounts without the need to download anything.  

You get new templates created for you every month, new clickbank dfy pages delivered, allowing you to be unique everytime you create content. And you get new accounts added to your already existing accounts, making sure you reach the right audience!

Join the TW Club: Elevate Your Marketing Strategy to New Heights

Demo of our Newest Pinterest Approved Feature

Since our release of TrafficWave Generator we have gotten the approval from Pinterest To allow users to Instantly PUSH Your Content Directly into your Pinterest account instantly using our newest feature only found with TW Club Monthly Users.

Unleash Continuous Growth and Diversity in Your Campaigns

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, standing out and staying ahead requires constant innovation and the ability to scale. That's where the TW Club comes in, offering TrafficWave Generator users an unparalleled opportunity to enhance their content and maximize their productivity.

Exclusive Benefits Await Inside the TW Club

  • TW Instant Push (Pinterest Approved): No more downloading, extracting, importing files, with our newest feature, you can now push your content, directly into your Pinterest Accounts! 

  • 40 New, Unique Templates Each Month:  Say goodbye to content stagnation. With 40 fresh templates monthly, your campaigns will always stand out, keeping your audience engaged and intriguing. 

  • Ever-Evolving Content Variety : Keep your marketing strategies diverse and dynamic with a steady stream of new templates, ensuring your content never feels repetitive or outdated.

  • Unmatched Productivity and Reach : Scale your efforts effortlessly with the option to add extra accounts, making it easier to manage multiple campaigns or clients simultaneously.

  • Continuous Engagement and Conversion Growth: With cutting-edge templates and expanded reach, watch your engagement rates soar and conversions multiply.

  • Add Up to 10 Extra Accounts : Maximize your reach and productivity by managing additional accounts. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or leading a team, this feature ensures your marketing efforts are amplified.

  • 5 New DFY Landers every month  : Clickbank Offer Articles, Landers, for the top 5 for the month.

  • Custom URL and Logo : Users have the ability to include their logo and url of their website on their content instantly. 

  • Price Will Change When Timer Reaches Zero

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    TODAY ONLY $27/month

    No Thanks Don't need your monthly templates, nore do I want any extra accounts, i'm ok with the basic,I'm going to be creating my own!